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How It Works

Bottom up blinds work by pulling the blind up from its fixing point at the bottom of the window, normally on the sill or face fixed to the wall or window surround. The blinds are secured using brackets that can be fitted to wood, pvc or even concrete.

The basic rule is that if your window can house a normal pull down roller blind it can house a bottom up blind. It can even be fixed to a moving window or door frame which makes it ideal for sash windows and French doors. Many of our customers also use the blinds for bay windows in the same way they would normal pull down blinds. We can also supply bespoke cut blinds for gable end windows. Please call us if you have a special requirement.

Using discreet pulleys, the blind goes up when the pull cord is pulled down and holds in position using a cleat (hook) at the desired resting point. You can stop and secure the blind at ANY point you like on the window.

Our blinds are made from a strong material that is easy to clean and many of which can be used in bathrooms and high humidity areas. The material is specially woven to allow light through but maintain total privacy even at night when the interior lights are on. We can also supply blackouts if these are required.

Now the clever bit ! Because the blind is specially sprung, it is always taut whether up or down and returns effortlessly to its closed position when the pull cord is released from the cleat. Fitting is exactly the same as a normal roller blind except for the additional two pulleys.

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