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How To Measure


If your window sits inside a recess first decide if you want the blind to sit inside or outside the recess space. Ensure there are no obstructions such as window handles. Remember the roller blind will be fixed at the bottom of the window. If your sill or window is not level and straight you may prefer to fix outside the recess as you will have more control over the angle that the blind raises.

Measuring Inside Recess (Recess Fitting)

Measuring inside the recess. Measure the width of the recess in at least three places from the top of the recess to the bottom and take the narrowest width measurement. Measure the height from the top of the recess down to the sill. Please note the blind fixing brackets are 45mm deep so if you are fixing to a window sill or window surround please ensure there is sufficient depth.

Measuring Outside Recess (Exact Fitting)

Measuring outside the recess.Measure the exact width of where you would like the blind to sit from left to right. The blind will be supplied to this exact width including the fixing brackets.

A lot of customers choose to fix to the wooden or PVC frame that surrounds the window, also known as the architrave. If you are fixing to victorian or edwardian architrave it often has a ripple design (known as ogee or taurus). Make sure you measure from the flat part of the surround not the ripple part as the fixing has to sit squarely.

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